New Release – Advanced Petitions Plugin

What are Petitions? Petitions are a formal written request, typically one which is signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause. But these days with advanced technology, Courtrooms are not the only place for petitions as now there are many online tools & platforms to start a petition among which our Advanced Petitions Plugin is the one.

We’re glad to update you all that we have recently released our “Advanced Petitions Plugin” which enable users to create online petitions & collect desired signatures online from the people to create a tremendous impact all around the world.This plugin will surely provide a new feature to your website where users can file & share their petitions.

Trending Features of Advanced Petitions Plugin

  • Create Unlimited Petitions
  • Set Signature Goals
  • Sign / Unsign Petitions
  • Add Decision Makers
  • Progress Bar for Signed Signatures
  • Edit Signatures
  • Mark Petition Victory
  • Petition Letter
  • Sponsoring for Petitions
  • Schedule Petitions
  • Recent Petition Updates
  • Close Petition
  • Petition Categories
  • Petition Roles
  • Social Share Options
  • Petition Locations
  • SEO Details
  • Petitioner Contact Information
  • Report Petitions
  • Mangeable Dashboard
  • Trendy Petition Tags

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