Enhancements and Bug Fixes in our Plugins

We are glad to announce a few big enhancements in our plugins with our first post:

Team Showcase & Multi-Use Team Plugin
We have received many clients requests for the Browse Members page to have the option to show members on their websites with a choice of 6 Templates from this plugin.
New widgetized page: Team Showcase – Browse Members Page which will allow you to display members in any of the 6 designs from this plugin. You can choose below settings for members:
   ~ Display members based on Popularity criteria – Alphabetical, Most Recent Member and Recently Updated Members.
    ~ You can choose to display Age of the members who have entered their birthdays.
    ~ Display Profile Fields.
    ~ Options to send message, add as friend, remove as friend, etc.
    ~ Display Email, Status, Name, etc.

To consider and check all these features, please visit our demo site: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/members/

Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin
We’re thankful to all our clients who have liked our plugin and have installed the plugin on their websites. We have implemented some of the new features from the suggestions we received from our clients:

1. With this upgrade, SoundCloud Integration will also enable you to upload all the songs in one go using the SoundCloud Playlist or Album URL. Now, when you enter the URL of any playlist or album from SoundCloud, then all the songs in that playlist will be imported into this plugin on your website.
2. Profile Photos from SoundCloud: Now, profile photos of all the songs uploaded via SoundCloud will be imported with the songs.
3. You can now see preview of the main photo and cover photo being uploaded to new music albums and while editing the old ones.
4. Quick Button to “Create New Music Album” in the bottom right your screen.
We have also fixed some translation issues and minor bugs.

To consider and check all these features, please visit our demo site: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/music/album/home

Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin
We’re really glad to announce some of the new features in our recently released plugin:

1. Integration with 3rd party plugins: We have done integration with maximum all the 3rd party plugins. If you want this plugin to be integrated with any 3rd party plugin installed on your website, then contact our support team from your SocialEngineSolutions Client Area.
2. Position for the Watermark: You can now choose the position for the watermark on the photos on your website.
For any queries, please contact us from here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/contact-us/ or send email at: support@socialenginesolutions.com.

SocialEngineSolutions Core Plugin
SocialEngineSolutions Core is our Free plugin which is used to install or other plugins from us on your website. We provide some basic features for free in this plugin. We have released below mentioned features in this plugin.
In addition to free features:
1. Go to Top: This widget enables users to go to the top of the current page they are on.
2. Advanced HTML Block: This enables you to enter RICH Text via WYSIWYG editor for each language enabled on your website. [Supports multi-language]
we have released 2 new features now:
3. Simple HTML with Translation Option: This enables you to simple HTML text for each language enabled on your website. [Supports multi-language]
4. Social Share: Enables users to share the current page / content on social networking websites – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Linkedin.

If you have idea or requirement for any new feature suitable for this plugin, then please let us know by filing a support ticket from your SocialEngineSolutions Client Area.