Difference Between Responsive View, PWA Plugin & Native Apps

With the release of new Progressive Web App (PWA) Plugin – Interactive Mobile & Tablet Interface plugin, many of our clients want to know the difference between Responsive Themes, PWA plugin & Native apps. So, we have created a brief difference chart as below:

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Features Responsive View PWA by SES Native Apps
Device Specific View Yes Yes Yes
Modify Layout No Yes No
Additional Cost No, comes with responsive theme Yes, plugin cost Yes, app cost
Upgrades Free with theme Free upgrades Mostly Paid upgrades
Installation & Setup Easiness Easy, comes automatically with theme Easy, need to do 1 time setup. Setup requires experts.
App Store No No Yes
Performance & Caching No Yes, so can work in offline mode also. No
Home Screen No Yes Yes
Push Notification No Yes

Requires Browser Push Notification Plugin

Color Schemes Works as of Theme Have own pre-built theme that can be configured. Usually requires experts to modify colors. Some apps may have admin settings.
Deployment Just open in browser Users have to add to their home screens Users have to download from respective app stores
Adult Site Support Yes Yes No

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