WoWonder to SocialEngine Migration


The first question which may come in our mind is whether or not we should migrate our website to a different platform. Some factors like changing hosting platforms, website design & domain name can make or break your business.

Are you running your website on the WoWonder platform and want to migrate it to SocialEngine? Then you are at the right place! We are the leading service provider for migration from WoWonder to SocialEngine CMS.

Why SocialEngine?

SocialEngine is a PHP based network platform and considered one of the best-documented social networking scripts in the market. With the help of SocialEngine, you can build your own social network website. It is a fast, secure and regularly updated platform.

How SocialNetworking.Solutions Can help you with WoWonder to SocialEngine Migration?

The biggest advantage we get while using the right site migration service provider is their assurance to clients of the smooth functioning of your site migrated to SocialEngine. We, at SocialNetworking.Solutions provide best services to migrate your website from WoWonder to SocialEngine.

If you made up your mind and want to shift your current website to SocialEngine, you have to provide website-related information to our SocialEngine expert team.

Here are some key details you must provide to us before purchasing WoWonder to SocialEngine migration service.

1- Wowonder Website Admin Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

2- SocialEngine Website Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Email
  • Password

3- Current & Previous Server Root Login (SSH) Details of Wowonder & SE

  • Host Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

(* Contact your current hosting provider for more details.)

4- Cpanel/ phpMyAdmin Details of Wowonder & SE Website

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

(* Your hosting provider will provide all the required details.)

Before we start the Wowonder to SocialEngine migration process, please make sure that your new server suits all the SocialEngine system requirements.

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