Sngine to SocialEngine Migration


Choosing the right service provider can be hard & confusing decision for new development or migrating your website from 1 script to another. Sometimes, it’s not easy to figure out which one offers the best services for you. Fortunately, SocialNetworking.Solutions solve all your confusion and assure you to provide best development, design, migration and other services. Why we are saying this? Because we have a list of satisfied clients who have been migrated earlier from Sngine to SocialEngine and they have shared their amazing experiences with us.

Few signs that show now its time to migrate to SocialEngine

  • Experiencing more downtime than usual.
  • Not getting relevant services from your current script developer.
  • Paying too much money for a few services.
  • Lack of updates & new features.
  • Lack of Plugins, Themes & Services
  • Updated Native Mobile Apps

Why SocialNetowking.Solutions?

SocialNetworking.Solutions is known for providing the best possible SocialEngine migration services. We have a SocialEngine expert team that is dedicated to their customer satisfaction experience and delivers the best SocialEngine services. We ensure high-quality support and address your business goals in each aspect of the service and development phase. Our company believes in providing excellent user experience to your customers. We are proud of our past achievements and successfully migrated many websites to SocialEngine. Our SocialEngine migration experts will get your site moved to SocialEngine in the least possible time.

So how can you migrate from Sngine to SocialEngine? All you need to do is send a quote to us and our team will further guide you for the next step. Before beginning the process you will be asked for some details submission of your current website URL and account details.

Here is the list of detailed information you must provide to us before purchasing this service.

1- Current Sngine Website Admin Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

2- SocialEngine Website Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Email
  • Password

3- Current & Previous Server Root Login (SSH) Details of Sngine & SE

  • Host Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

(* Contact your current hosting provider for more details.)

4- Cpanel/ phpMyAdmin Details of Sngine & SE Website

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

(* Your hosting provider will provide all the required details.)

Before we start the migration process, please make sure that your new server suits all the SocialEngine system requirements.

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