Ning to SocialEngine Migration


Having your own social network website has several benefits and considered one of the key sources of business revenue. But have you ever thought you may multiply your business profit by choosing the best social network platform? If Yes, then you are in the right place. We are here to assist you on why choosing SocialEngine for your website can be the best decision for your business growth. We have enough reasons to convince you to migrate your website from Ning to SocialEngine.

Curious about SocialEngine?

SocialEngine is a one of the most demanded social network CMS platform you can easily manage in a way that suits all your site & business requirements. The major benefit of having your website on SocialEngine is that you can own your brand network and manage it whatever way you want.

So, get ready for Ning to SocialEngine migration and witness your business growth.

Why Choose SocialNetworking.Solutions?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction with Highest ROI
  • No Worries of your Confidential Data
  • SocialEngine Migration Experts Team
  • You will not lose your SEO ranking during migration
  • Offers Best Market Price Migration Services
  • Professional Tech Support Team

Before initiating the migration process, you will be asked for admin account credentials from our technical migration team.

Here are some key details you must provide to us before purchasing this service.

1- Current Ning Website Admin Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

2- SocialEngine Website Details

  • Website URL
  • Admin Email
  • Password

3- Current & Previous Server Root Login (SSH) Details of Ning & SE

  • Host Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

(* Contact your current hosting provider for more details.)

4- Cpanel/ phpMyAdmin Details of Ning & SE Website

  • Website URL
  • Admin Username
  • Password

(* Your hosting provider will provide all the required details.)

Before we start the Ning to SocialEngine migration process, please make sure that your new server suits all the SocialEngine system requirements.

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