SNS Plugins & Themes Compatibility with SE PHP 6.5.1 & Ensuring Continuity and Commitment: Our Promise to SocialEngine Users
SNS Plugins & Themes Compatibility with SE PHP 6.5.1 & Ensuring Continuity and Commitment: Our Promise to SocialEngine Users

Membership Subscription Pricing Table & Plan Layout Plugin



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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.0

Software Version: 6.5.0

Last Update: November 27, 2023

Membership Subscription Pricing Table & Plan Layout Plugin

Design highly attractive & stylish Membership Subscription Plans & Pricing Tables for the signup pages of your website & allow your users to get started easily.

Membership Subscription Pricing Table & Plan Layout Plugin

Whenever you visit any website, Signup is the first step which you need to follow in order to access the benefits of that website. Some sites have enabled normal signup process & some may do that by enabling various subscription packages on it. Users will get the features according to the plan subscribed. Subscription Plans enable visitors to make an informed decision by displaying all of the options in an easily comparable format. So do you want customized look & designs for the Subscription page of your website, then “Membership Subscription Pricing Table & Plan Layout Plugin” will be the best match for you.

By using this plugin, you can design the subscription page for your website as it allows you to create new templates & change the layout & styling for each element of the subscription plans. You can enable / disable any of the template as per your choice. Also you can add as many feature rows as you can for the plans.

How It Works?

Find out the easy steps to make signup pages more exciting & attractive on your website.

  • 1

    Create Subscription Plans

    Create & enable subscription plans as per your choice from SE Plans.

  • 2

    Configure Feature Rows

    Based on your strategy, configure feature rows content for each plan.

  • 3

    Create New Template & Do Styling

    Creation of Templates & styling for each plan element are just a few minutes tasks.

  • 4

    Make Users Subscribe to Plans

    Ready to subscribe plans with attractive look & designs

Key Features

Easy to use & configure features of this plugin will make subscription plans look more attractive.

  • Well Integrated with SE Plans

    This plugin is well integrated with SocialEngine subscription Plans which you will create on your website for Signup.

  • Table Title & Description

    For Table, Title & Description can be easily configured from the global settings section of this Plugin.

  • No. of Feature Rows

    For the subscription Plans, number of feature rows can configured from the global settings section.

  • Enable Footer

    You can also enable/disable footer for the subscription table. Also you can write description for it.

  • Configure Feature Rows with Title & Icon

    Site admin can add title for each feature row with the content for hint. Icon for each row can also be uploaded from here.

  • Template with Preview Option

    Created template can be easily previewed before saving it from the Set features section in the admin panel.

  • Configurable Template Elements

    Each element for the Template can be configured such as Name, Background Color for Container & Header, Text color for header, Table overlap etc.

  • Configure Plans Layout & Styling

    You can configure subscription Plans layout & change the styling for each row of the plan by configuring the various settings as per your choice.

  • Plans basic Layout Settings

    For the subscription Plans, you can configure various basic settings such as Name, Column width & space, Row Height, Color for Content, Alignment, Highlight Label & its styling etc.

  • Column Header Settings

    For header of each column, you can configure various settings such as Title, Description & its height, Header & Its text color etc from Change Template Style section.

  • Column Button Settings

    For each column button, you can configure various settings such as Title, Button Background Color, Text Color etc. as per your choice.

  • Profile Settings for Upgrade Plans

    Users of your website can easily upgrade their subscription plan to some other higher plan from the profile settings section present in the header.

  • Help & Support

    This plugin provides you an easy to use Help & Support page where you can find answers to all your queries which you may find while installing & setup this plugin.

  • 100% Responsive

    Membership Subscription Pricing Table & Plan Layout Plugin is 100% fully responsive which can be easily adapted in the other devices (mobile, tablets etc.).

  • 1 Click Install & Easy to Setup

    This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Videos & Tutorials will help you to use this plugin in much better way.

  • 90 Days Free Support

    Get free upgrades lifetime for this plugin and free support for first 90 days of your purchase from SocialNetworking.Solutions.

Robust & Powerful Admin Panel

  • Global Settings: To enable/disable various features for the subscription Plans & Pricing Table Layouts.
  • Set Features: You can easily configure content for the feature rows with the icon & Image for each row separately.
  • Manage Template & layout Styling: You can add and remove features for the row. You can configure styling & layout for each row of the subscription plan.
  • User can upgrade subscription anytime from the settings option of mini menu.


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