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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

What Is The Need Of This Plugin?

  • Search Engine Optimization lavishes attention on your sales rock-star, generating the highest performance by giving it the right emphasis and focus in your marketing arsenal.
  • SEO will increase your sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs, thereby growing profits exponentially and over time.
  • A sitemap allows the crawlers of your site to get to all areas of your website no matter the size. This helps with Search Engine Optimization because it makes it easier for search engines to find all the content on your website.
  • With the help of Advanced SEO & Sitemaps Plugin, you can increase traffic on your website by mapping every page of your website with more frequent optimized search results via SEO and hence increase the engagement on your website.

For any website, getting higher ranking in the online world is the major priority which will decide how well it can withstand with other competitors and for that, optimization of website in right direction and with correct strategy is required. So SEO is that strategy which is used to improve your site’s rankings in search engine results. It involves identifying which keywords and tags your target audience uses when looking for products or services like yours, then working towards ranking well for those searches.

You can easily optimize your website with “Advanced SEO & Sitemap Plugin” not only for improving the website’s search engine rankings but also for increasing the quality and visibility of your website by making it more user-friendly, faster , increase traffic and easy to navigate from one page to another. Whereas Sitemap let the search engine crawlers follow the links to all your individual webpages so that it won’t miss out on anything and the reach to each & every page of your website get increase.

What Is SEO? What Are Its Benefits?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to methods used to increase traffic to a website by increasing its search engine page rank. SEO often involves improving the quality of the content, ensuring that it is rich in relevant keywords and organizing it by using subheads, bullet points, and bold and italic characters. SEO also ensures that the site’s HTML is optimized such that a search engine can determine what is on the page and display it as a search result in relevant searches. These standards involve the use of metadata, including the title tag and meta description.

Want to know all of the benefits of SEO?

  • Pulls-in quality traffic
  • Increase Sales & leads
  • Decrease your cost per acquisition
  • Does not involve paid advertising
  • Provides 24/7 promotion
  • Builds Trust & Credibility
  • Increase brand awareness & equity
  • Receives 90% more clicks than PPC
  • Increase your website referrals
  • Improves your website’s Click-Through-Rate
  • Improves the safety & security of your website
  • Improves the speed of your website

What Is Sitemap?? What Are Its Benefits?

A site map is a list of pages of a website accessible to the crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site. The sitemap generator will get all the information and format it so it can be submitted to your search engines, placed on your website for users, or use the sharable sitemap for collaboration. Sitemaps are important for SEO because they make it easier for Google to find your site’s pages which is important because Google ranks web PAGES not just websites.

Want to know all of the benefits of Sitemap?

  • Helps Google find your content
  • Site changes crawled quickly
  • Make website navigation faster
  • Gives better visibility to Search Engines
  • Get better reporting on your website
  • Better crawling and indexing of your website

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How does your Sitemap affect your SEO?

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