Redis Cache Installation and Setup


With “Redis Cache”, you can make your SE community more responsive & faster than before. It works very efficiently because of low-latency, High-throughput capabilities of the Redis Engine. In this way the splitted cache layer will allow data tier to scale more independently for more efficient use of compute resources in the Application Layer. Redis offers clustering and being built-in provides a more robust and fast solution that is easier to move & demonstrate.

So we have create this service to provide you with the proper Installation & Setup of Redis cache on your SocialEngine Community in order to make it more responsive & fast. This service will make your site responsive for 4.9.0 & the higher Versions of SocialEngine.

Redis Cache Installation and Setup

There are the following ways in which Redis Cache can be installed:

  • Installation on the own server: Redis Cache Package will directly get installed & setup on your server. Then it will be integrated with the SocialEngine Performance and Caching Session. This will using your server, so it is a free way to install Redis Cache on your site.
  • Amazon ElastiCache: It is the another way called “Amazon ElasticCache” which helps you to operate the data store or cache in the cloud. This service will improve the performance of the web applications by allowing you to retrieve information from fast, managed, in-memory data stores, instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases. This is a chargeable service and Amazon will charge you for this service depending on your website usage.

Amazon AWS Simple Email Service is useful for configuring the ‘Mail Settings’ section in the admin panel of your SocialEngine website, so after configuring this service on Amazon we will be doing changes under ‘Mail Settings’ section for these settings: Send through SMTP, SMTP Server Address, SMTP Server Port, SMTP Authentication, SMTP Username, SMTP Password, Use SSL or TLS.

Please provide us the following Information so that we can proceed with the Installation of the service. Send these to us via a Support Ticket after purchasing this service:

  • SSH Details:
    • SSH Host
    • SSH Port
    • SSH User (root access)
    • SSH Password
  • Website information:
    • Website URL
    • Admin Username
    • Admin Password
  • AWS Account details (If you want Amazon ElastiCache)
    • Email
    • Password

** This service would normally be completed within 12-24 business hours of purchase.

Note: If you have SocialEngine version less than 4.9.0 then please Contact us for pricing.

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