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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Page Builder and Shortcodes plugin makes it easy to create responsive widgetized pages with URLs of your choice using the widgets you know and love.

This plugin has various elements which you can use in widgets as well as in shortcodes on Pages.
Pages and Elements support Multiple Languages on your website.

Various elements like tabs, accordions, pricing tables, modal windows, etc can simply boost your site theme with their clean, flat & awesome looking user interface elements in the form of simple shortcodes or widgets. Shortcodes for elements can be easily created with a single click setting.

This plugin is integrated with “Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin” to open photos placed on various widgetized pages created using this plugin in Advanced Lightbox Viewer.

Key features

Admin can create as many widgetized Pages as required very easily from the admin panel.

Admin can create various Design Elements:
~ Pricing Tables
~ Accordions & Tab Container
~ Progress Bars
~ Modal Windows (Popups)
~ Accordion Menus

Pages are integrated with “Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin” to open photos placed on these pages in Advanced Lightbox Viewer.

Page Loading Progress Image

Advanced Generic Menu widget

Works with any theme

Widgetized Pages

Pages will have their own URLs.

Page content can be created for multiple languages on your website.

Admin can choose Pages’ placement links in various menus or anywhere on the website.

For each Page, admin can choose Member Level, Networks privacy. Admin can also choose to show / hide the page to non-logged in users.

Admin can enter Meta information for the Pages.

Admin can choose the content of Page to be shown in search results or not.

Admin can enable / disable a Page.

Pages are integrated with “Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin” to open photos placed on these pages in Advanced Lightbox Viewer.

Widgetized Pages

Pricing Tables

Responsive pricing tables, up to 12 rows in unlimited columns.

These pricing tables are highly customizable, change the background color, border size and color, price row background and text color

You can use pricing tables as shortcodes inside Pages.

Pricing Table

Accordions & Tab Container

Accordions and Tabs will help you in managing the content on your website.

Unlimited colors and possible to change tab colors, text colors, etc.

Integrated with “Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin” to open photos placed in this tabs in Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin.

3 types of accordions & tabs are available –
~ Tabs,
~ Simple Accordion &
~ Fixed Accordion.


Progress Bars

Progress Bars can be used to visualize the progression of some skill, task, growth, etc. Sometimes, the graphic is accompanied by a textual representation of the progress in a percent format.

Animate the progress bars with Circle or Bars .
~ Progress Bars also support stripes as fixed (Single Color) or animated (Gradient Moving or Gradient Fixed).

Display text in the form of percentage or amount or some custom text.

Choose Alignment for the text.

Admins can also define a custom border radius to give the bars a curvy shape.

Unlimited colors and possible to change empty bar color, text color, circle size & bar thickness, etc.

Progress Bars

Modal Windows (Popups)

Do you want to catch attention of your users? Do not miss this out of box feature included in this plugin. Whether event, timer or interaction based, our Modal Windows will do the job and alert your website visitors.

Create beautiful Popups within a few seconds with our integrated Modal Shortcode Generator. Funky animations will spice up your modals with eye catching solutions!

Modal Window Content can be simply enetered via rich WYSIWYG Editor. Need to add Shortcodes? No Problem, go for it!

6 in-built effects:
~ Zoom In
~ Zoom Roll
~ Move Horizontal
~ Move From Top
~ Unfold
~ Zoom Out

Modal Windows (Popups)

Accordion Menus

Accordion Menus will help you in managing menus, hyperlinks and links of your content.

Can be easily customized from the Admin Panel.

Unlimited colours and possible to change menu colors, text color, sub-menu color, etc.

Progress Bars

Page Loading Progress Image

Page loading progress image will create beautiful progress indicators for your page load and ajax request.

It will automatically monitor your ajax requests, page loads, and elements on your page to decide the progress.

Comes with 11 loading images:
~ Minimal
~ Big Counter
~ Bounce
~ Center Atom
~ Center Circle
~ Center Radar
~ Center Simple
~ Corner Indicatorv
~ Flash
~ Flat Top
~ Loading Bar

Unlimited colors can be chosen for loading images.

Page Loading Progress Image


Advanced Generic Menu widget

Pricing Table

Widgetized Pages

and many more ..

Admin Panel

Everything of this plugin is customized from the admin panel to make the Pages of website beautiful and awesome.

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