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If you are looking for a simple means of communicating with your website or blog users or a way for users to leave messages collectively for the site owner, or as a basic chat room for your website visitors then adding a simple ShoutBox is probably the best way to go.

They are often seen on the side menus of websites and blogs, they are sometimes seen on social networking websites also. These small shout boxes are mainly used for leaving quick messages to the website owner but can also be used to carry on conversations between other surfers who are on the same website at the same time.

It just simply work like a Chatbox on your website !!!

In this Plugin the chat area will continue to scroll without the need for page refreshes, plus it offers admin features such as Multiple Shoutbox Creation, Unlimited entries of users, Member Level View Privacy, Network View Privacy, Manage Display Settings for your Shoutbox. With the help of Shoutbox Plugin you can talk about things where you have common interests or develop.


Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

What is the need of this Plugin?

  • Shoutbox is used as a quick informal way for site participants to communicate with each other.
  • Enables you to keep track of every chat by different users on your website.
  • Shoutbox serves a Common Chatroom to your community.
  • It also provide an internal Instant Messaging service for the site.
  • Allows users to post a brief comment/message on the page that appears right at any location on your page.
  • Makes your site more User friendly and attractive.

Multiple Shoutbox Creation

  • This plugin allows you to create Multiple Shoutbox from Admin Panel which you can place at various pages on your website.
  • These shoutboxes are highly configurable. You can configure Visibility and Posting settings for your Chats and other display settings also which makes their design and layout more attractive.
  • You can place only one shoutbox at a time on any Page. Placement of multiple shoutboxes at the same page will not get supported.

Real Time Update for Chat Messages

With this plugin you are allowed to access all the Chats on your website with their sending and receiving Date & Time.

Simply It enables communication among users that offers a real-time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver.

Chat display with Username & Photo

  • In shoutbox, chats among multiple users will display on your website with their respective usernames and profile photos.
  • Basically these are used from the identification perspective for any user at the time of common chat.

Highly Configurable Display Settings

Get bored from the simple design and colors of chat boxes and want something new and exciting, then you can easily modify the looks of your Shoutbox with the help of this plugin.

From admin panel you can configure various display settings for the shoutbox on our website.

Background & Font Color for Shoutbox

In this setting you can select color for the background and font for your current shoutbox.

Font Size

You can enter the size(in Pixels) for the Font which get displayed at the time of chatting among different users.

Shoutbox Background & Font Color for Admin / Moderator

You can choose color for Background and Font specifically for Admin or Moderator.

Background & font Color for My Shoutbox

Here you can choose Font and Background Color for the shoutbox through which you are sending the message currently.

Shoutbox Background & Font Color for Other Member

Choose Background and Font Color for other member’s shoutbox in this setting.


You are also allowed to choose text Editor either WYSIWYG Editors/Text Area for your Shoutbox which will makes your chatting experience much better.

Post Content Button

In shoutbox you can post content via three buttons:

  • Send Button
  • Icon
  • Enter

Shoutbox Rules

If you want to mention some rules for the shoutbox on your website, then you can do that in this setting.

These rules simply get visible above the Shoutbox under ‘Check Shoutbox Rules’ on your website.

Visibility & Posting Settings

This plugin provides you the advanced privacy settings called “Visibility & Posting Settings” through which you can make your multiple group chats more secure and safe.

You are allowed to set shoutbox view privacy for any Member level or geographical network.

Member Level View Privacy

From here you can choose the member levels to which your shoutbox will be displayed. Through this setting you can make your chats of shoutboxes more secure.

Network View Privacy

You can specify network/networks to which your shoutbox will be displayed on your website.


Name of Widget – Shoutbox

This widget displayed the Shoutbox with creative on your Website.
There is no boundation on placement of this widget on any specific page.
You can place it at any page, but it must be placed only once at a page.

Details included in this widget.

  • Title for Shoutbox
  • Shoutbox selection for the widget

Robust Admin Panel

Global Settings

Activate your plugin from this section of this plugin.

Manage Shoutbox

  • In Manage Shoutbox section, you can create multiple shoutbox for various pages and configure them according to your requirement.
  • Also you can choose privacy and display setting for the shoutbox on your website.

100% Fully Responsive Design

The plugin is 100% responsive. Automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop). You can take full control of the color scheme and designing of plugin with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this plugin from setting to styling.

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it more easy for you to setup and use this plugin on your site.

Lifetime Upgrades with 90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this plugin and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

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