One Time GitHub Setup Service



Developing & maintaining a website is really a tough task that does not end till uploading the website’s code to the hosting server. You have to take care of backups, custom code changes in functionalities and design.

Few hosting providers provide free or paid automatic backup services but you can not just rely on a backup because it might be the case that the back does not have your recent changes. So, no matter how frequent backup you choose, there are always chances of losing the code.

From all the above mentioned hassle of managing the code, GitHub comes to the rescue which provides hosting service for software development and version control. It provides the distributed version control of Git plus access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, continuous integration, and wikis for every project.

If you also want to set up your website on Github and maintain your code via the version control system, then you can purchase this service.

Once you purchase this one-time set up service, you can consider purchasing our Monthly Website Code Maintenance on GitHub Service for monthly maintenance of your code updation on GitHub.

Note 1: Make sure you have a Dedicated server before purchasing this service because we will be needing the ssh root login details to proceed with the installation.

Note 2: If you have enabled authentication on GitHub, then you will have to provide authentication to our developers to proceed with the setup.

Here are some key details you must provide to us before purchasing this service.

1- SocialEngine Website Details:

  • Website URL
  • Email
  • Password

2- Server Root Login (SSH) Details:

  • Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

(* If you do not have these details, then contact your hosting provider.)

3- GitHub Login Details

  • Email
  • Password
  • Authentication Code (if enabled)

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