SocialEngine PHP 4.10.5 – All Our Plugins and Themes are Compatible Now !!

Are you all aware of the recent upgrade of SocialEngine to 4.10.5? If no, then we would love to inform you all, that now SocialEngine has been upgraded to version 4.10.5 & Its officially announced here: This new release adds security improvements, some exciting new features, and addresses the few bugs.

Also we’re glad to inform that we SocialNetworking.Solutions are announced as an addition to the SocialEngine family as we are working with SocialEngine to update and improve the SocialEngine PHP product. We are excited to work together with SocialEngine making vast improvements to the products.

With this new upgrade, we’re glad to inform that we have also release upgrade of all our Plugins & Themes to make them compatible with the latest version 4.10.5 of SocialEngine PHP.

You can now upgrade our plugins & themes on your website. But, if you need to get new version of SE or our plugins to be upgraded on your website, then you can purchase our All SocialEngineSolutions Plugins Installation and Upgrade service.

If you have done any custom work on your website & don’t want to lose them during upgrade, then you can check and purchase our “Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 4.10.5 without Losing Custom Work” service.

Also if you need to be sure & evaluate everything before moving all the upgrades with custom work on your live site & want to try it over the staging environment, then you can purchase our Staging Environment Setup Service.

If you don’t have customization on your website and you want a simple SE upgrade, then you can purchase our service from here:

Let’s have a quick view over the fixes done in our plugins for compatibility with SocialEngine PHP 4.10.5:

  • To enhance the security, we’ve removed the requirement for allow_url_fopen and changed to use cURL in application/modules/Core/Api/Links.php file in “Professional Activity & Nested Comments Plugin” & “Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin”.
  • Improve Browse Member Search: In Advanced Members Plugin we have added multi-select search options on the Member Browse Page which allows admin to set specific types of profile questions. This multi-selectable helps users to search more specifically and shows each option in a nicely designed button format.
  • No Opt Out Option for Emails: In this fix, we have provided Opt Out option to Members for Site Newsletters or Mass Emails (other than password resets) as per their choice when they don’t want them. Simply its just same like unsubscribing a newsletter or an email.
  • Hashtag Improvement: We’ve also improve Hashtags as they require much attention. From now, when users click to view any hashtag, they can see each content item where a tag goes to. For example, if a hashtag “nice” appears on a photo / blog, the user will see the tabs on the hashtag view page which allow them to choose photo, blog, etc, in which that tag has been used. This will show each content item with that hashtag. It simply helps users to find the specific content that they want.

To read all fixes in detail about this upgrade, click here.

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