Quick Glimpse: New Plugins Releasing in November, 2018

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

This Amazing Shopping Quote by: “Bo Derek”, encourages us to shop more. But, what if we are having a discount code and do not find a product we are searching for? We get disappointed 🙁

We at SocialEngineSolutions understands this and thus on this ThanksGiving, as a Token of Thanks we’re offering Flat 30% discount on everything till 29th November, 2018 and to help you more with making your shopping list, we are glad to provide you a list of products which are going to be released by 29th November, 2018 so that you can plan your shopping accordingly:

Flat 30% Off Coupon Code: BlackFriday&CyberMonday_30

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  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Plugin – Interactive Mobile / Tablet Interface
  2. Recent Login & Account Switcher Plugin
  3. Upgrade in Professional Facebook Theme
  4. Quick & One Step Signup Plugin


  1. Mobile Apps Package (Website + Apps)
  2. Advanced SocialEngine Plugins Package (Website)
  3. Facebook Clone Package (Website + Apps)

If you have any suggestion for new plugins, feature enhancements, then please let us know, we would be glad to listen to your requirements.

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