Word Animation – New enhancement in Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin

Activity Feeds plays a major role in any Social Networking website and we understand the possibilities you can have to gain more user engagement by providing them an attractive, functional and feature rich feed on your website.

We’re glad to announce very Important, Popular and Latest feature of Word Animation in our Advanced News & Feeds plugin. This plugin now supports 17 animations which you can choose for the strings or words in the feeds on your website.

With Highlighted Text, Colors and now Animations – feeds on your website will become more interactive and appealing to users. These all feature sure combinedly increase user engagement and activities on your website, and thus bringing more traffic and user retention.

View Demo: https://demo.socialenginesolutions.com/profile/admin/action_id/14781
Find us on SocialEngine.com: https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-news-activity-feeds-plugin
Purchase Plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/advanced-news-activity-feeds-plugin/

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