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Support Subscription for SE iOS & Android Apps

Is your free support period expired? Do not worry, simply choose a suitable support plan to extend it.

Choose a suitable plan for iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine:

SocialEngineSolutions Mobile Apps are the all-in-one solution that makes your website completely mobile-ready. For any doubt or query, please contact us.

Monthly Support Subscription (Both Apps) One-time Payment for 6-months Support (Both Apps) One-time Payment for 12-months Support (Both Apps)

$67per month
billed annually

or $79 billed monthly


No need to signup for any subscription.


No need to signup for any subscription.

Publish to your own app store account      
Apps Included iOS + Android iOS + Android iOS + Android
Future Upgrades FREE Active Support is Required Active Support is Required
Your Branding, your Logo      
Your Color, Fonts  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable
Your own Branded Splash Screen      
App Startup Screen      
App Welcome Slideshow  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable
Unlimited Push Notifications  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable  Admin Configurable
Robust App Dashboard & Admin      
API Powered Mobile Apps      
Custom HTML Content Support & Real Time Updates      
Content Searching, Sorting, Browsing & Creation      
WebView Feature      
Social Networking Features, Messaging & Notifications      
Native Device Features: Sound Effects, Gesture Controls, Camera Support, etc.      
Facebook Login      
User Subscriptions      
Free Custom Service (No carry Forward) 1 hour/month 4 hours ($100) 10 hours ($250)
Host With Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
$449 6-months Mobile Apps Support

$849 12-months Mobile Apps Support

Mobile Apps Support Plan

Do you need expert and professional assistance to make your mobile apps? Purchase this support plan if you want to subscribe or renew your Mobile Apps support.

Mobile Apps Upgrade Support

Payment Option *

Subscribe to our Monthly Support plans to get complete assistance for using, configuring SES Mobile apps, plugins and themes on your website.


  • Do you need access to the Android Mobile Application codes?
  • Do you need customizations in our Android Mobile Applications?


I am seeing recurring payment option to get the Mobile Apps, but I need apps with One Time Payment only. How can get apps with One Time payment?

Our apps comes with Monthly Subscription and “One Time Payment with 6 Months Support” options, so if you do not want to avail the benefits of monthly recurring subscription, then you can purchase the One Time Payment with 6 Months Support which is also mentioned in the plan list above.

If I want to cancel my mobile apps subscription any time, then can I do so? If Yes, then what will happen on canceling my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, and then resubscribe or renew it later. While re-subscribing, the one time fee does not have to be paid again. But, since we regularly update our apps to provide new features, improvements, bug fixes, new plugins integration, we recommend that you should not cancel your subscription to get new upgrades and support for the apps.
But, if you still cancel your subscription, then you will not be entitled to file support ticket related to mobile apps.

## : WebView feature in our app displays even those features and 3rd party plugins in your app which are not integrated natively with our apps. Thus with this feature you can get all the main features and real time updates of your website into your apps.